Status panel for Rack box project

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This page is kept for historical interest. It may document projects or methods that are obsolete and/or no longer relevant. The information here is not kept up-to-date.

This module was part of the rack box project — which was terminated when I moved out of my first apartment.
Status panel


The Rack status panel shows signals from almost every module in the Rack box. Located on my desk it gives a good overview of the system. The panel also has switches and buttons that makes it possible to reset alarms, control lights, fan, mute etc. The panel has a total of 60 drilled holes for buttons and LEDs and 71 connection point, from three D-Sub contactors. The module Digital emergency interface module is housed inside the status panel.



  1. 12v +
  2. 12v -
  3. Emergency shutdown +
  4. Emergency shutdown -
  5. Emergency shutdown reset to relay
  6. Emergency shutdown reset to Emergency shutdown unit
  7. Emergency shutdown trigger to Emergency shutdown unit
  8. Emergency shutdown LED from Emergency shutdown unit
  9. Lifesignal from Digital emergency interface module to Module stability monitoring unit 2
  10. 12v -


  1. Stack lights green (Signal and lights controlling unit)
  2. Rack temp alarm (Fan and temperature unit)
  3. Stack lights yellow (Signal and lights controlling unit)
  4. Rack fan (Fan and temperature unit)
  5. 12v +
  6. Supply error (Main monitoring unit)
  7. Stack lights red (Signal and lights controlling unit)
  8. Serial Server timeout (Main monitoring unit)
  9. Fuse error (Main monitoring unit)


Pin Color Function
1. Pink Deactivate emergency shutdown strobe (Emergency shutdown unit)
2. Blue Buzzer
3. Gray Activate panel
4. Yellow Panel active
5. Purple Lifesignal from Digital emergency interface module to Module stability monitoring unit 2
6. Black Oven disengaged LED (Oven and signal unit)
7. Green Porch door LED (Multi-purpose module 1)
8. Red Light sensor (Light sensor)
9. Brown Test voltage on/off
10. White Return - (to Multi-purpose module 1)


  1. 12v -
  2. Module error LED
  3. Mute LED (Mute and illumination controlling unit)
  4. Amber LED (not connected in rack)
  5. Low voltage, yellow LED
  6. Rack box door (Mute and illumination controlling unit)
  7. Rack box lights (Mute and illumination controlling unit)
  8. Light control unit 3 LED
  9. Light control unit 2 LED
  10. Light control unit 1 LED
  11. Light control unit 3 Switch
  12. Light control unit 2 Switch
  13. Light control unit 1 Switch
  14. Rack box lights switch (Mute and illumination controlling unit)
  15. System mute switch (Mute and illumination controlling unit)
  16. Fan switch (Fan and temperature unit)
  17. Emergency shutdown unit +
  18. Emergency shutdown unit -
  19. Emergency shutdown unit Trigger
  20. Emergency shutdown unit LED
  21. Emergency shutdown unit Reset
  22. Alarm LED
  23. Panel error LED (Multi-purpose module 1)
  24. Key switch N.C
  25. Key switch N.O
  26. Return + (to Multi-purpose module 1)
  27. Button by blue LED
  28. Light control unit lights out 45 sec
  29. Light control unit auto light
  30. Green center LED
  31. Red center LED
  32. Oven disengaged manually (Oven and signal unit)
  33. IR sensor 1 LED (Multi-purpose module 1)
  34. Red LED (Not connected in rack)
  35. Lights living room off (Multi-purpose module 1)
  36. Module stability monitoring unit 2 Reset
  37. Module stability monitoring unit 2 LED